Asset Acquisition Options

i2B Capital offers tremendous flexibility in how we can structure our direct funding to solve our client’s specific needs. Bulk purchases, one off transactions, international opportunities, or other unique assets may be more functionally aligned with a direct asset acquisition strategy. i2B Capital can invest directly into the economics of the transaction through a Special Purpose Vehicle “SPV” alongside our client’s capital.  Assets classes include: accounts receivable, Inventory, purchase orders, leases, loans, bad debt, charged off receivables, delinquent assets, litigation settlements, medical claims, SaaS Contracts, contractual recurring revenue streams, municipal and government receivables, commercial contracts, consumer installment contracts, liquidation bids, and many others.

Our Target Customer

Our target customers have access to asset portfolios for sale, pipelines of new originations, liquidation bid opportunities, or a one off or forward flow opportunity for acquisition but their capital source is not willing or able to fund the acquisition or to subordinate in our traditional lending structure. As seasoned asset buyers, we can work together with our clients to establish servicing cost and management fees to fund ongoing operations while structuring the profit participation through the waterfall.  Whether a one off or forward flow transaction, we have decades of experience to help solve each client’s unique requirements to close their respective deals. We also have relationships with third party servicers for those clients who only seek to monetize their deal flow and not build and invest in infrastructure.

Our Goal

Our transactions are designed to first provide sufficient acquisition capital to grow the asset portfolio to a level where it is attractive to more traditional bank or asset-based specialty finance lenders.  We help each of our clients develop the infrastructure, reporting and other finance driven disciplines necessary to become bankable. More than just money, we lend our expertise as commercial bank lenders and debt buyers to elevate our clients to the next level of traditional debt financing. Our goal is to graduate 100% of our clients to larger and more cost effective financing as soon as possible and we work every day to help each one achieve that goal.

Our Process

Once we agree on the unit economics of the proposed asset acquisition transaction supported by historical performance data, we provide a simple summary of business terms agreed upon in writing. Our term sheets are written in plain language and do not require attorney’s time and money to negotiate.

The next step in our process includes an on-site visit from our executive management team as well as due diligence performed by a third party familiar with the particular asset class seeking to confirm the accuracy of historic financial performance reporting and the ability to comply with reporting requirements going forward. We also focus on compliance including appropriate licensure, training, and accountability.  In addition, we perform background checks on the owners and management of our clients.

Lastly, we obtain our formal credit approval once due diligence is complete, execute our documentation and fund.

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