Who better than specialty finance entrepreneurs to partner with on a Specialty Finance Joint Venture?

We encourage you to become a part of our specialty finance ecosystem.   Whether you are a management team seeking capital for an acquisition, an equity investor seeking leverage to grow one of your platform companies, an entrepreneur looking to expand into a new line of business, an existing lender seeking a partner to fund assets outside the comfort zone, or a company seeking to sell all or a portion of its assets, the entrepreneurs at i2B are ready, willing and able to assist with capital appropriately structured for the unique situation provided directly by us or through one of our specialty finance clients.

Our i2B ecosystem of large and small specialty finance companies who we currently fund, have funded in the past or may fund in the future, can assist investment bankers, brokers, advisors, attorneys and accountants get transactions funded across a wide variety of asset classes.   Our specialty finance ecosystem includes experts in accounts receivable, inventory, purchase orders, SaaS contracts, construction receivables, government and municipal receivables, equipment finance and leasing, micro loans, consumer installment contracts, auto loans, litigation claims, litigation settlements, insurance receivables, medical receivables, bad debt, charged off receivables, delinquent loans, non-performing assets, and liquidation bids.

i2B will joint venture with a wide variety of specialty finance and asset acquisition platforms including factoring companies, inventory lenders, purchase order finance companies, consumer loan companies, private label credit card companies, asset based lenders, leasing companies, commercial debt buyers, consumer debt buyers, medical receivable finance companies, insurance premium finance companies and micro loan companies just to name a few.   With this broad spectrum of specialty finance clients in our ecosystem, i2B can provide capital solutions to a wide variety of companies with diverse financing needs.

When you need a loan, you are not alone.  At i2B we like to think of ourselves as a resource to help other entrepreneurs obtain the right form of capital to grow their businesses either directly from us or through one of our specialty finance clients or in a joint venture arrangement with one of our specialty finance partners.

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